With a flick of our capes and the snap of our tights…

So, you’ve found the Super Reviewers. Congratulations!

Now, what the hell are the Super Reviewers?

Good question. ūüėÄ

It’s something J.M. (Jalisa) Blackman made up with the astounding help of six, awesome strangers.

It started with vague thoughts about the Justice League and reviews and how much cooler seven would be than one.

All of the details aren’t ironed out, but we at least know:

  • Seven of us will review the same book
  • We’ll make a¬†concise judgement (yay/nay) in no more than a paragraph
  • Each book will be¬†chosen by a member once or twice a month (depending on the
  • time/availability of the members that month).
  • And each book will be¬†chosen for a specific, noted reason, whether it be a gut instinct that¬†it will be a good read or a good reading experience with the author¬†before.
  • Then, we’ll all post the super review (which will consist of all seven reviews) ¬†to our dedicated blog (which is this).
  • Ta-da!

So, that’s it, basically. We’ll have our first review up by the end of June. But you’ll know that, because we will, in no uncertain terms, alert everyone on Twitter. Our personal bios and blogs will up soon and then, who knows?

-The Super Reviewers 

We’re here to save your day. One book at a time.